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Innoprotea France sells edible insects and more precisely mealworms from our own farm in Nantes. Mealworms are dehydrated and then seasoned in the Innoprotea production site. Our mealworms range is divided into five aromas: the “Natural”, the “Sesame Salt”, the “Four spices”, the “Gingerbread” and the last one the “Colombo”. Innoprotea Insects are raised in Nantes farm, thus ensuring the traceability and high quality control.  Our objective is to bring you products low in calories with high nutrients (Omega 3 and 6).Ready to eat, tasty and crispy, try it!  Mealworms are feeding from organic agriculture and our farming respect high animal welfare standards. Innoprotea France would like to develop mealworms flour for the food industry. Mealworms nutrient intakes are very interesting; rich in carbohydrates you will surprise your guests. Interested in, please visit our web site or contact us, we'd be pleased to send you our products. Also, Innoprotea France is an environmentally-conscious company, we value 100 % of the intermediate foodstuffs (in particular the chitin), indeed, the company has adopted a zero waste approach.

36 Bd Joliot Curie
Innoprotea France is one of the French leading players in the breeding of edible insects for the human food.
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