JIMINI'S produces two types of products, whole ready to eat insects and energy bars made with cricket flour. The range of whole insects counts three kind of insects: Grasshoppers, Mealworms and Crikets. JIMINI'S insects are raised in specialized farms in the Netherlands, thus ensuring the best possible standards of traceability and quality control. Grasshoppers, Crikets and Mealworms are dehydrated and then delicately processed and seasoned in JIMINI'S workshop near Paris to bring you tastes like no other! They are ready-to-eat, crispy, tasty and ideal to open up a meal! Low in calories and high in nutrients, they are the ideal appetizer! Spicing up your evenings, surprising your guests, they will bring you an exceptional moment!   The bars are made with simple and healthy ingredients from organic agriculture and our 100% European cricket flour. Dried fruits, rich in carbohydrates, almonds and seeds, a fiber source and a protein-rich cricket flour, source of iron and omega 3 and 6… for a nutritionally snack!

Jimini’s sells ranges of whole edible insects and cricket flour based products. Our challenge is to introduce insects into European plates.
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