Why should I eat insects?

With claims of incredible nutritional value, low environmental impact and delicious ‘new’ flavours, edible insects have had a lot of hype recently. What’s the truth behind the headlines? And why is an ingredient eaten by two billion worldwide so ‘new’ in the west? Dig a little deeper →

How can I try insects?

Tempted? All the facts on how to find and eat insects is in this section, from foraging and cooking to restaurants and suppliers. Keep an eye on our ‘Bug of the Week’ section where we’ll introduce a new insect each week, with tips and recipes to make your journey into entomophagy easier. Dig a little deeper →

What's stopping me from eating insects?

Aside from the ‘yuck’ factor, you might be worried that edible insects are poisonous, or even illegal. We address the most common stumbling blocks, and look at the big question of ‘what if this all goes wrong’ – is a corporate takeover of edible insects on the cards?  Dig a little deeper →
Can they save the world? · Jen Stout · 29 Aug

Feed the World

If the phrase ‘Feed the World!’ provokes in you a sense of hopeless cynicism and unwelcome Bob Geldof memories, you’re probably not alone. But the idea that edible insects might be the ‘solution’ has been gaining notoriety in recent years, since the UN published its rallying cry in 2013. Packed with healthy fats, nutrients and protein and easy to rear, bugs are a potential answer to food shortage, or so the argument goes. More →

Filmen BUGS · Jonas Bruun · 24 Aug

DOXBIO viser BUGS i 50 biografer over hele Danmark!

Til september bliver BUGS, i samarbejde med DOXBIO, langt om længe tilgængelig for hele Danmark i biografer landet over. More →

BUGS the Film · Jonas Bruun · 24 Aug

BUGS in Denmark: nationwide in 50 cinemas with DOXBIO

This September we will collaborate with DOXBIO in order to make BUGS widely available to the Danish people – in cinemas all over the country. More →

Can they save the world? · Jen Stout · 23 Aug

Insects as food is one thing – but how about insects as feed?

BUGSfeed explores insects as food for people. It’s a huge topic with enough interesting facts and stories and questions to fill ten books, let alone one website. But here’s one aspect we’ve not looked at yet - what about insects as feed? More →

Know your bugs · Jonas Bruun · 14 Aug

Talking about 'eating insects'

Everyone is talking about 'eating insects'. But what does that actually mean and include? A recent paper raises new questions around 'entomophagy'. More →

Filmen BUGS · Jonas Bruun · 25 Aug

Skole-visninger af BUGS

Tag med din skoleklasse ind og se BUGS i over 50 biografer i Danmark til særpris i samarbejde med DOXBIO! More →

Who eats insects? · Jen Stout · 11 Jul

North America's entomophagists are teaming up

For the North American Edible Insects Coalition (NAEIC), the tide is turning: The era of ‘Gross, bugs!’ is giving way to curiosity and enthusiasm. It’s a critical time in this fast-growing industry. More →

Who eats insects? · Ben Kempas · 29 Jun

TEDx: from maggots in cheese to a food revolution

"Insects have to be the key to reflect on our capacity to embrace food diversity and knowledge that come from a different country." – Roberto Flore More →

Prepare and cook them · Jen Stout · 20 Jun

What to do with June Bugs?

The Parmajune Thin: Easy-peasy home baking with a twist. More →

Who eats insects? · Harry Harrison · 16 Jun

From Bricks to Bugs – the journey of two ento-preneurs (2)

New year, new start: how much work went into nailing the mission statement for newly-founded Mophagy – and how many visits to the pub. More →

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