Why should I eat insects?

With claims of incredible nutritional value, low environmental impact and delicious ‘new’ flavours, edible insects have had a lot of hype recently. What’s the truth behind the headlines? And why is an ingredient eaten by two billion worldwide so ‘new’ in the west? Dig a little deeper →

How can I try insects?

Tempted? All the facts on how to find and eat insects is in this section, from foraging and cooking to restaurants and suppliers. Dig a little deeper →

What's stopping me from eating insects?

Aside from the ‘yuck’ factor, you might be worried that edible insects are poisonous, or even illegal. We address the most common stumbling blocks, and look at the big question of ‘what if this all goes wrong’ – is a corporate takeover of edible insects on the cards?  Dig a little deeper →
Who eats insects? · BUGSfeed · 08 Sep

Uganda: No stings attached – the most delicious honey

“Like squeezing honey out of mud! Like magic mud!” The African Stingless Bee in a clip from BUGS the film, currently in cinemas in Denmark and other Nordic countries. More →

Prepare and cook them · Jen Stout · 03 Sep

Quiche Lorraine avec Ver de Terre

Here's a recipe for our Bug of the Week: the earthworm! More →

BUGS the Film · Ben Kempas · 31 Aug

BUGS at the San Sebastian Film Festival

Today the San Sebastian International Film Festival, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world, announced the film selection for its Culinary Zinema section – including the Spanish premiere of BUGS. More →

BUGS i Kosmorama i Skælskør

07 Sep 2016 to 02 Oct 2016
Skælskør, Denmark More →

BUGS i Ishøj Bio

07 Sep 2016 to 28 Sep 2016
Ishøj, Denmark More →

BUGS at Bergen International Film Festival

21 Sep 2016 to 29 Sep 2016
Bergen, Norway More →

BUGS @ Fantastic Fest Austin

22 Sep 2016 to 30 Sep 2016
Austin, TX More →

International Congress of Entomology 2016

25 Sep 2016 to 01 Oct 2016
Orlando, FL More →