Ben Kempas


Ben is a documentary campaigner, award-winning filmmaker and certified NationBuilder Architect. He is the founder of Film & Campaign. Having studied documentary film at the University of Television and Film in Munich, he shot numerous documentaries as cinematographer for German television and directed a number of films himself. For 12 years, he co-hosted The D-Word, the world’s leading online community for documentary filmmakers. Realising how limited the reach and impact of creative, independent documentaries had been for a long time, he started to specialise in innovative tools and strategies for meaningful and sustainable audience engagement. Having moved to Edinburgh in 2011, he became one of the world’s first ‘producers of marketing and distribution’, working for the Scottish Documentary Institute. In 2014, he set up his new company at the intersection of filmmaking and campaigning, working for clients across Europe and the US. Ben runs the campaign around BUGS, had the idea for BUGSfeed, built the website and manages its content.

A German living in Edinburgh, Ben is a documentary campaigner and founder of Film & Campaign Ltd. He's an occasional filmmaker too. Blame him for the existence of BUGSfeed.

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