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Who's behind BUGSfeed?

BUGSfeed is inspired and funded by the documentary film BUGS, and run by a dedicated team whose main aim is to intrigue you. We try to answer the ‘big questions’ and the smaller ones too, bringing in expert opinion and taking you into this world of entomophagy that we’ve become so curious about.

We welcome guest writers and regular contributors – please give us a buzz if you'd like to be part of BUGSfeed. 

Like the Nordic Food Lab researchers, the BUGSfeed crew is a multinational team: we're a mix of Northern Europeans from Denmark, Germany, and Scotland. Based in Copenhagen and Edinburgh, we conceived BUGSfeed as the ideal online platform to complement BUGS the film – and not as experts on entomophagy. But we’re getting there! As we're building BUGSfeed we’re learning more and more about edible insects, and we’re excited to have you with us on our journey to explore further.

So join in and give us your input. What are you curious about? How do you react to the idea of eating insects? And don’t worry – we’re not here to sell you a product or persuade you to eat bugs. We’re just here to find out what it’s all about.

You can read more about the members of the team in their profiles below. And when you’ve done that, we encourage you to create a profile for yourself


Docu filmmaker-turned-campaigner-turned-livestreamer @filmcampaign. Impact producer @TheOilMachine. Born @ 332ppm. #IAmEuropean welcoming Scottish independence.


Journalist, The Nine, BBC Scotland. Formerly: local papers, online. @nctj_news trained thanks to @the_JDF The island is my home.


A bachelor of anthropology and an aspiring filmmaker, Jonas coordinates and researches for the BUGSfeed team. He's also the "Danish connection" for the rest of the team that is based in Edinburgh.


Freddy Neumann does press and public relations for a number of film and TV productions, including all of those coming out of Danish Documentary Production.


Rikke has been telling visual stories since the spring 2012. She has worked with documentaries in the fields of directing, filming and editing. She is studying at the Danish School of Media and Journalism and is currently working as an intern for Danish


Based in Copenhagen, Torsten works in graphic design and art direction. His primary clients are in publishing, film production and record companies.


Julie has a background as a visual artist, with an MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Alongside her artistic practice, Julie works as film editor, focusing on documentary.

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