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Why should I eat insects?

With claims of incredible nutritional value, low environmental impact and delicious ‘new’ flavours, edible insects have had a lot of hype recently. What’s the truth behind the headlines? And why is an ingredient eaten by two billion worldwide so ‘new’ in the west? Dig a little deeper →

How can I try insects?

Tempted? All the facts on how to find and eat insects is in this section, from foraging and cooking to restaurants and suppliers. Dig a little deeper →

What's stopping me from eating insects?

Aside from the ‘yuck’ factor, you might be worried that edible insects are poisonous, or even illegal. We address the most common stumbling blocks, and look at the big question of ‘what if this all goes wrong’ – is a corporate takeover of edible insects on the cards?  Dig a little deeper →
Find them where you are · Jen Stout · 23 Oct

Insect City Utopia: Inside the 'Cricket Reactor'

Jakub Dzamba did not stop at a consumer-friendly countertop farm, but has imagined whole urban landscapes that have the mass production of edible insects built in to their fabric, with heat, warmth, waste and sustainability all addressed. As is often the case with new design and architecture, it's feels simultaneously like far-fetched science fiction, and something that's just around the corner. More →

Find them where you are · Jen Stout · 08 Jan

The latest kitchen gadget: endless protein supply

Super-local food? Mealworms are really easy to breed, so we look at how to grow your own supply at home. From the DIY hive to the high-tech gadgets, here's how you could raise your own protein supply. More →

Find them where you are · BUGSfeed · 08 Apr

Wax for the worms gets you the best of bugs

Chelsea Thomas is raising and preparing waxworms, said to be the best-tasting of all the bugs. More →

Prepare and cook them · BUGSfeed · 07 Apr

Paella with 'Land Shrimp'

Chelsea Thomas is celebrating the Week of the Waxworm with a very special paella... More →

Prepare and cook them · Jen Stout · 10 Apr

Ancient magic, Nordic Food Lab style

Fermentation, an ancient technology, is enjoying popularity as a food trend. Researchers in Copenhagen have given it a new twist: with grasshoppers and waxworms. More →

Prepare and cook them · Jen Stout · 21 Mar

Roasted locusts with earthy ants and wild garlic

Forest meets desert in this inventive recipe from Nordic Food Lab. More →

Prepare and cook them · Jen Stout · 08 Dec

Ant Chimp Stick

One of the ingenious tools that chimpanzees use is a brush-ended stick which they dangle into a termite mound, pulling it out covered in tasty snacks - dubbed a ‘chimp stick’. The chefs at Nordic Food Lab came up with an ant equivalent, using liquorice root and honey and other delicately flavoured foods to complement the local wood ants and smelling carpenter ants. More →

Find them where you are · Jen Stout · 31 Dec

Saucy bugs from Thailand

Dipping sauces are ubiquitous throughout south-east Asia. They can be based on shrimp... or on giant water bugs! More →

Prepare and cook them · Jen Stout · 20 Dec

Bee-LT Sandwich

Everyone has their own secrets with a BLT... How about one with bee larvae? More →

Prepare and cook them · Jen Stout · 20 Dec

Baby Bee Ceviche

Ceviche can refer to a lot of dishes from different cultures, but the basic idea is that instead of heat cooking the food, acid does it. More →