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Know your bugs

Bug of the Week

It can be daunting to launch into a new area of food. Which insects can you eat, and how so?

We don't seek to promote, but we do want to explore – one bug at a time. That's our 'Bug of the Week'.

Here's a list of all of them to date.

Giant Water Bug

Splashing out on Giant Water Bugs

Giant Water Bugs (Belostomatidae) are are also known as Maeng Da in Thailand, and ‘toe-biters’ in Europe, which might sound like they just enjoy a wee nibble, but rest assured, you don’t want them biting your toes.

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Western Honeybee

Why drones, not honey, might be the hive's most delicious ingredient

The Western Honeybee is the one you’ll have seen the most of, unless you live in Antarctica, the only continent on which they aren’t widespread. They’re thinner and less fluffy than bumblebees (or less hairy, depending on how cute you think bees are).

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Red Wood Ant

Red Wood Ants and their aphid detention camps

Our first 'Bug of the Week' is a feisty one, with the ability to both bite its attackers and spray them with formic acid. It’s also the only animal other than humans that is known to a farm other animals! It’s a wood ant - widespread across northern Europe and the south of the British Isles.

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