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A vegan's view on edible insects

Following his comments on our controversial Facebook post about the BUGSfeed article 'Are insects better for you than meat?', we invited Max Anstey from Warwickshire to give us his view on edible insects – from the perspective of a vegan!

While some people may consider it innovative to create a high-protein food made from bugs (presumably bred and killed for this purpose) I don't find it necessary, ethical, or efficient to do so when compared to a plant-based diet.

The UN has already called for a shift towards a vegan diet due to the unsustainability of animal agriculture, with it being responsible for nearly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions; their advice is to move to a plant-based diet as it is healthy and good for the planet – if eating bugs was a better choice, they would have surely recommended that instead.


The author's vegan dinner. Photo: Max Anstey

The highest source of protein widely available is in fact vegan and goes by the name of seitan – made from wheat gluten which contains 75g of protein per 100g; it is easy to obtain all the required vitamins and minerals from a plant-based diet and is the best choice in my opinion for reducing the suffering of living beings (animals, bugs, or otherwise) caused by our diet choices.

A plant-based diet can be healthy, delicious, and earth-friendly without any need to eat dead bugs. It is in my opinion the best choice with regards to tackling world hunger, climate change, increased rates of obesity, and other diet-related diseases. To instead look towards eating bugs is unnecessary, inefficient, and unethical.

If we already have a means of obtaining all the required vitamins and minerals in such a way that is efficient, healthy, and earth friendly, why continue to look for alternatives to the animal agriculture industry? We already have our alternative: veganism.

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