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An Escamoles Extravaganza

Around the world premiere of BUGS at the Tribeca Film Festival, two impromptu insect tastings took place in New York City – and both involved escamoles, our current Bug of the Week.

Danish Documentary's Emilie Monies was on location when an informal ice cream social happened at the High Line in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. On the scene were the film's director, producers, supporters – and Josh and Roberto of the Nordic Food Lab. Peter Gerard brought a hand-crank ice cream maker that had been in his family for generations.

Emilie and Roberto used the Periscope smartphone app to broadcast the event to the world. Here's a (slightly chaotic) glimpse of the result:

Eating insects for the first time in her life, Emilie described the taste: "Escamoles have an almost nutty flavour, and therefore it makes good sense to put them in ice-cream, especially for people who’ve never tasted insects before."

Another pop-up tasting of escamoles was on offer at Miscelanea NY. Here's film director Andreas Johnsen introducing them to vlogger Liza Béar:  

Emilie's final verdict: "Had I not known what it was, I wouldn’t have guessed it. It was extremely delicious."

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