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Secure your tickets for BUGS at Tribeca

BUGS the Film

There's only a limited amount of tickets left for the world premiere of BUGS at the Tribeca Film Festival on 16 April.

You can book your tickets for all screenings here.

Are you nowhere near New York City? Simply sign up here, and we'll notify you when the film is released where you are.


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BUGS emerging from the cocoon as video-on-demand

You can now watch BUGS online, right on our BUGSfeed platform. More →

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“Appealing and appalling” – enthusiastic reviews of the documentary BUGS in Denmark

The DOXBiO launch of BUGS in Denmark saw the film screening in more than 50 cinemas all over the country. A film with such exposure has lured critics to the keyboard, and we’ve also gotten a word or two from experts from the fields of slow food, insects as feed, insects as food, and food experts in a more general sense. More →

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Uganda: No stings attached – the most delicious honey

“Like squeezing honey out of mud! Like magic mud!” The African Stingless Bee in a clip from BUGS the film, currently in cinemas in Denmark and other Nordic countries. More →

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An Escamoles Extravaganza

What do ant larvae actually taste like? In town for the Tribeca Film Festival, the BUGS team spontaneously offered a taste of insects. Let's hear the punters' verdicts! More →

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World premiere at Tribeca Film Festival

BUGS the film will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival 2016. More →

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