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BUGS emerging from the cocoon as video-on-demand

BUGS the Film

We know we've been a bit quiet as of late… Our bugs have hibernated nicely over the winter, so with the first signs of spring they’re flying again!

Emerging from its cocoon, BUGSfeed is back, and this time with direct access to the documentary film BUGS which is now available online.

Barring a few territories, though. North America, France and Germany still have to wait for a bit, but the rest of the world can now watch BUGS either by downloading the film or by streaming it.

We know you’ve waited patiently for this since you’ve shown your interest in the past. So if you didn’t get to see the film at a festival or in the cinema – or if you loved the film and want to watch it again, perhaps with friends or family – here’s your chance to immerse in an amazing adventure.

You can rent or buy the full film straight from this player: 

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