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Uganda: No stings attached – the most delicious honey

“How can any species have something so delicious and not have a sting?”

The stingless bee’s honey is runnier, sharper, sweeter than other honey – and apparently tastes like nothing on earth. Or so we gather from this movie clip from BUGS. Protagonists Josh Evans and Ben Reade join locals in Uganda in a trip to find the honey of stingless bees. They find it, taste it, and go a bit mad.

“Like squeezing honey out of mud! Like magic mud!” Ben exclaims, hands stained yellow as he pours honey into his mouth.

BUGS the film is currently on release in Denmark with DOXBiO and in other Nordic countries with Doc Lounge. All screenings here.

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Drumming is rainfall for termites

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BUGS emerging from the cocoon as video-on-demand

You can now watch BUGS online, right on our BUGSfeed platform. More →

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“Appealing and appalling” – enthusiastic reviews of the documentary BUGS in Denmark

The DOXBiO launch of BUGS in Denmark saw the film screening in more than 50 cinemas all over the country. A film with such exposure has lured critics to the keyboard, and we’ve also gotten a word or two from experts from the fields of slow food, insects as feed, insects as food, and food experts in a more general sense. More →

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Gathering palm weevil larvae in Uganda

Guided by local Ugandans, Josh and Ben go looking for palm weevil larvae in tree trunks. This footage was shot for BUGS the film, to be released later this year. More →

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Preparing and cooking palm weevil larvae

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