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“Appealing and appalling” – enthusiastic reviews of the documentary BUGS in Denmark

BUGS the Film

The DOXBiO launch of BUGS in Denmark saw the film screening in more than 50 cinemas all over the country. A film with such exposure has lured critics to the keyboard, and we’ve also gotten a word or two from experts from the fields of slow food, insects as feed, insects as food, and food experts in a more general sense.

Here's a selection what they all had to say, translated from our original post in Danish. Once you've made your way through this page, we're sure you'll want to sign up so you won't miss this film when it comes to your country or city down the line.


300 servings of escamoles ice cream for tonight! Photo: Andreas Johnsen

A film with the wonderful gift of turning the world upside down” – Filmland ★★★★★

We’re starting of with the film critics, many of whom emphasise how the film is highly educational and spurs the curiosity of the viewer. Kulturbunkeren's ecstatic reviewer Yasmin Turan Mikkelsen throws us a 6 out of 6, calling BUGS both “outstanding work” and “a essential and nuanced documentary”. Among the most exalted we find Jyllandsposten and Filmlands Per Juul Carlsen, giving us 5 out of 6 stars, the latter also saying that BUGS is “a film with the wonderful gift of turning the world upside down.” At various online media outlets, we got similarly grandiose star dust, with Filmkommentaren calling it “an appetising film!”, and Avisen.dk’s Cinemadsen being particularly excited with the work of our director Andreas Johnsen’s skills, and adding to that he writes that “such creepy-crawly menu and enthusiasm is hard to find!”

Outstanding work" – Kulturbunkeren ★★★★★★

Soundvenue throws us a 4-star review saying BUGS is “in every way an eye-opening film experience.” We're getting the same star count from Filmmagasinet Ekko which writes that the film is fascinating, entertaining and rich with learning. Kristian Ditlev Jensen also calls BUGS “appealing and appalling”, and a genius pick for older children. At Ekstra Bladet Henrik Queitsch has similar sentiments, saying that BUGS is “perfectly suited for educational use in the higher classes of primary school, so we can challenge our habitual ways of thinking about food at an early age.” He deems the film worth watching and thought-provoking, almpst echoed by Kristeligt Dagblad (also 4 out of 6 stars) which says BUGS is entertaining and thought-provoking. Rounding up the views of major newspapers is Politiken, with Dorte Hygum Sørensen finding BUGS is a fascinating and critical documentary and signing off with 4 out of 6 stars.

Appealing and appalling" – Ekko ★★★★

The same harvest of stars is found at several online media outlets. Ordet.net thinks the film “should be seen for its infectious energy and curiousity”, and at filmz.dk Lasse Martin Jørgensen praises the film for its openness: “No one-sided answers are given. I don’t feel more certain of anything after watching this. But I have a more informed foundation for my doubt.” Cinemazone and CPH:Culture are equally generous, awarding four stars as they also give a 4/6.

Worth watching and thought-provoking" – Ekstra Bladet ★★★★

Bang for the bug

In order to write a review of a film, you have to watch it first (duh!). So we held a screening for members of the Danish press a couple of weeks before the premiere. After the film we served the some insectuous pieces of deliciousness from Nordic Food Lab’s Head of Culinary Research and Development, Roberto Flore, who also happens to be one of the film’s protagonists. At this event we had also invited some food experts with different backgrounds, and after tasting the goods, we asked them what they had to say about the future of insects in Danish kitchens. You can see their response in this video (use the CC button to switch on English subtitles):

Insect experts

BUGS has also spurred some interest from people who already work in entomophagy. Nina Askov, who does lectures, insect tastings, and cooking classes through the site Buglady.dk wrote on her blog that the film makes you want to taste for yourself. From the Danish Technological Institute in Aarhus, we got Lars Lau Heckmann to write a couple of words here on BUGSfeed about the film and how it relates to his research on insects as feed. He recommends you watch BUGS to get a wider perspective.


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