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A gnarly-looking delicacy from South Africa

Our ‘Bug of the Week’ is the mopane worm – a caterpillar that becomes an Emperor Moth and feeds on the leaves of the African mopane tree. It’s a prized food in many southern African states and is eaten dried or stewed.

We’ve had a look at a couple of videos that explain more about these gnarly-looking worms and their uses as a staple food.

In this news report, chef Lwazi Thsabela talks to Press TV as he cooks mopane caterpillars in a deep pan. “I start by boiling them about five minutes. When they’re crispy, I mix them with my sauce.”

His customer is served the dish: mopane worms in tomato sauce. “They’re so so tasty and healthy,” she says. “I expected to taste the insides but there’s none of that, you just get the skin and the taste of that – no aftertaste, it’s just a beautiful taste.”

In this video, a chef in South Africa demonstrates how to rehydrate, cook and serve mopane worms. “This is a dish containing nearly every nutrient you need,” she explains. “A meal for the whole family, ready to be served with pap or sazda [cornmeal porridge].”

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