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BUGS at the San Sebastian International Film Festival

BUGS the Film

Today the San Sebastian International Film Festival, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world, announced the film selection for its Culinary Zinema section – including the Spanish premiere of BUGS.

donostia.jpg"Will eating insects save our Earth?" asks the film's director Andreas Johnson. If you are a regular reader of BUGSfeed, you'll have heard about his documentary already. If not, start reading here

Established six years ago, Culinary Zinema combines film and gastronomy. This year, six documentaries and a fiction feature will compete for the festival's Tokyo Gohan Award. Rounding off the cinematic experience are dinners related to the content of the films screened.

The Sardinian chef Roberto Flore, one of the protagonists in BUGS and now the Head of Culinary Research and Development at Copenhagen's Nordic Food Lab, will create a dinner taking its inspiration from the film.

This presentation gives you a taste of all of the films in Culinary Zinema – including BUGS. Can you spot the scenes from Andreas Johnsen's film?

The combined screening-dinner tickets will be available from 5 September.

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