Stores & Restaurants Offering Buffalo Worms

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Als smulpaap neem ik je graag mee in de wereld van #insecteneten . Van hartig naar mierzoet.Van #sprinkhaan tot suikerspin, een proeverij workshops en nog meer


A young start-up company from Germany that develops delicious, healthy and sustainable foods – made of insects.


The Bug Shack aims to promote edible insects as a sustainable source of protein. Currently based in Southampton, UK.


Order your menu and Chef at home with insects or just buy our insects online. Follow us for next events with insects.#Insektermedchef


Al meer dan 30 jaar staat Damhert op de eerste rij van de functionele voeding met een ruim gamma gezonde en vooral lekkere producten!


Hi, my name is Ger van der Wal, CEO at We promote, sell and breed edible insects as food for the future. #entomophagy


#tasty #nutritious #sustainable Edible insects: good food, in every way #entomophagy #london #food #hoxton


ENORM arbejder med insekter som bæredygtig proteinkilde til fødevarer.


Entomochef can provide you with what you have been looking for: #edible #insects.


The UK's trusted online source for paleo friendly food supplies. All of our products are grain, gluten & refined sugar free.


“We believe that to choose organic is to choose health, not only for you and your family but also for the environment” – Renée Elliott, Founder.


Proti-Farm is world’s leading producer of sustainable and innovative nutritional products from insects, produced according to the requirements for human consump