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At Aspire, we love foods that make us feel good. Our crickets are raised on an all USDA certified organic feed without the use of hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s.


A Certified Green, Neighborhood Market Offering the Finest in Affordable Natural & Organic Foods, Supplements, Bath, Beauty & Household Goods.


High quality #sustainable #protein insect ingredients wholesale Cricket Powder @Griopro #innovation #technology #Paleo #cricketpowder


The Armstrongs are the originators of America's Cricket Growing Industry. We've been servicing pet stores and fish bait shops for over 60 years!


Jungle Bar is the insect powered nutritional bar. Free from dairy, soy, gluten and peanuts. #TasteTheBuzz #InsectPowered


Yumpa energy bars with #sustainable #protein packed #cricketflour, nuts, dried fruit, seeds and other natural treats to pack a big flavour punch.


Delicious foods made with high-protein cricket flour


The best food & drink you've ever discovered. Championing specialist producers from across the country. Welcome to the journey...


Bug Boys use insects as an eco-friendly protein source for tasty #food + agricultural #feed. And raise the awareness of the benefits of bugs! #entomophagy


BugEater Foods is a product development company making cricket based food products. #cricketpowder #cricketprotein #foodsustainability #foodtech #foodstartup


The UK's premier supplier of edible insects and bugs. #entomophagy #ediblebugs #edibleinsects #bushtucker #bugflour #eatingbugs


We are a UK based company who wholeheartedly believe that bugs are the food of the future. They're sustainable, nutritious and versatile!


Welcome to Bush Grub, the home of the unusual confectionary. We serve Bug pops, Crispy Critters and Coco Bugs every day! - Official I'M A CELEBRITY supplier.


Advancing Insect foods: delcious and nutritious, sustainable proteins. come explore


Maker of the Original Cricket Bar using cricket protein. Feed the Revolution.

11bx, n°1 de l'insecte comestible depuis 2009. Nos marques: @Kinjao_officiel et @Insecteo. #entomophagy #edibleinsects #eatinsects #insectfood


eco-local grocery store and coffee shop


Great independent natural foods store. We're also the home of Heavenly Chocolate. Get the best tasting chocolate. Tel. 413.586.3800

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