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Stores Offering Drinks

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BugEater Foods is a product development company making cricket based food products. #cricketpowder #cricketprotein #foodsustainability #foodtech #foodstartup


n°1 de l'insecte comestible depuis 2009. Retrouvez l'actu de nos marques, posez vos questions, rejoignez l'aventure #insectescomestibles #foodtech


The finest wine shop there is


All stores are now open between 10am and 8pm. Please visit https://t.co/8v04Irf9rP to shop online and book one-to-one appointments

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My First Hornet Hunt (2): From hive to plate

Suddenly, the inquisitive swarm of half a dozen hornets became an enraged and fearsome defence force. We were under attack. My layer of tarpaulin, pummelled from every direction by hundreds of miniature fighter jets, felt as delicate as rice-paper. More →

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The Yak Killer: the Asian Giant Hornet

For some people this insect is the stuff of nightmares. Also known as the ‘yak-killer’, it’s notoriously aggressive and kills around 40 people a year. If you see it, you run. More →