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Jungle Bar is the insect powered nutritional bar. Free from dairy, soy, gluten and peanuts. #TasteTheBuzz #InsectPowered


Yumpa energy bars with #sustainable #protein packed #cricketflour, nuts, dried fruit, seeds and other natural treats to pack a big flavour punch.


The best food & drink you've ever discovered. Championing specialist producers from across the country. Welcome to the journey...


Maker of the Original Cricket Bar using cricket protein. Feed the Revolution.


eco-local grocery store and coffee shop


Your online store for sustainable cricket protein products: cricket flour, cricket protein, cricket protein bars & more! Hopping your way March 2016!


We make delicious organic food products using crickets, an ultra-sustainable superfood. Let's crickstart the food revolution!


Hi, my name is Ger van der Wal, CEO at We promote, sell and breed edible insects as food for the future. #entomophagy


Producer of Healthy, Paleo, Vegan friendly cakes made from delicious goodness of natural ingredients! #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #recipes #food


식용곤충. Entomophagy. We're developing some edible insect products to final cosumer in Korea. Contact if interested!


Protein Bars from Cricket Flour


CROBAR by Gathr is an award-winning, all natural protein bar, made with cricket flour, find us in Planet Organic & Nutricentre


☀️ Delicious Super fruit&nut Bars with Cricket Flour #cricketflour #eatfuturetoday - buy now at [email protected] !


We are committed to breaking the stigmas of entomophagy through our food products.


“Eat delicious, feed the planet. One hop at a time”


Kinjao est la gamme de nutrition sportive à base d'insectes comestibles de @insectescom. Sports nutrition food products based on non-visible insects. #foodtech

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