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Stores & Restaurants Offering Hornets

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Eating wasps and hornets in Japan

Chikara is a traditional kaiseki restaurant north of Ena, Japan. Head chef Ozeki prepared a special menu using wasps and giant hornets, but remaining faithful to traditional kaiseki aesthetics and techniques. While skeptical at first – he had never before cooked with hornets – he was a convert in the end, praising their versatility and flavour. More →

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My First Hornet Hunt (2): From hive to plate

Suddenly, the inquisitive swarm of half a dozen hornets became an enraged and fearsome defence force. We were under attack. My layer of tarpaulin, pummelled from every direction by hundreds of miniature fighter jets, felt as delicate as rice-paper. More →

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My First Hornet Hunt (1): Searching for the nest

As the hornet thrashed inside the net, Miyake caught and gripped her body with the tweezers. This done, Nakagaki flipped the net and began to loop one of the white plastic strips around her vibrating body. Buzzing loudly, she twisted her abdomen frantically to avoid the plastic, but to no avail. More →