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The Armstrongs are the originators of America's Cricket Growing Industry. We've been servicing pet stores and fish bait shops for over 60 years!


Gastronomy on six legs: an online edible insect culinary community


Advancing Insect foods: delcious and nutritious, sustainable proteins. come explore


Mexican prehispanic inspired cuisine based on edible insects. Cocina mexicana prehispánica inspirada en insectos comestibles de gran aporte proteínico.


Clean healthy crickets since 1952 (one of the pioneers of the USA cricket industry!), visit our website for all our offerings.

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Oatmeal waxworm cookies

The waxworms in these cookies take on a pleasantly thick texture much like the raisins we expect in oatmeal cookies, and a mild, sweet flavor. More →

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Ancient magic, Nordic Food Lab style

Fermentation, an ancient technology, is enjoying popularity as a food trend. Researchers in Copenhagen have given it a new twist: with grasshoppers and waxworms. More →

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Wax for the worms gets you the best of bugs

Chelsea Thomas is raising and preparing waxworms, said to be the best-tasting of all the bugs. More →