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Als smulpaap neem ik je graag mee in de wereld van #insecteneten . Van hartig naar mierzoet.Van #sprinkhaan tot suikerspin, een proeverij workshops en nog meer


The UK's premier supplier of edible insects and bugs. #entomophagy #ediblebugs #edibleinsects #bushtucker #bugflour #eatingbugs


Gastronomy on six legs: an online edible insect culinary community

11bx, n°1 de l'insecte comestible depuis 2009. Nos marques: @Kinjao_officiel et @Insecteo. #entomophagy #edibleinsects #eatinsects #insectfood


Order your menu and Chef at home with insects or just buy our insects online. Follow us for next events with insects.#Insektermedchef


Mexican prehispanic inspired cuisine based on edible insects. Cocina mexicana prehispánica inspirada en insectos comestibles de gran aporte proteínico.


#tasty #nutritious #sustainable Edible insects: good food, in every way #entomophagy #london #food #hoxton


식용곤충. Entomophagy. We're developing some edible insect products to final cosumer in Korea. Contact if interested!


ENORM arbejder med insekter som bæredygtig proteinkilde til fødevarer.


Entomochef can provide you with what you have been looking for: #edible #insects.


Sal de Gusano is a traditional Oaxacan spice made from sea salt, toasted and ground agave worms and chile costeño. A distinct Oaxacan flavor to accompany your Mezcal, Tequila or Michelada, on fruits and salads, or in signature Mexican dishes.


Turning eating insects from novelty to normalcy. Sustainable food. Innovative kitchen-restaurant. Vegetable delights. Big flavours small environmental cost!


The best Oaxacan restaurant in the country & purveyor of mole around the country. 3014 W Olympic Blvd LA 90006 (213) 427-0608


La Slowteria is a slow-food authentic Mexican restaurant that honors pre-Hispanic cooking techniques stemming from an array of regions in Mexico.

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Feed the World

If the phrase ‘Feed the World!’ provokes in you a sense of hopeless cynicism and unwelcome Bob Geldof memories, you’re probably not alone. But the idea that edible insects might be the ‘solution’ has been gaining notoriety in recent years, since the UN published its rallying cry in 2013. Packed with healthy fats, nutrients and protein and easy to rear, bugs are a potential answer to food shortage, or so the argument goes. More →