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Stores & Restaurants Offering Cockroaches

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Healthy. Sustainable. Bugs. Farming EdibleInsects in Australia since 2007 healthy & delicious buggy food designed by our Entomologist | Food Scientist @bugshop1

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A kitchen where cockroaches are welcome

We like a challenge here at BUGSfeed. So this week we’re writing about a dish that contains two things many people hate: cockroaches and tapioca. More →

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Mealworms? Disgusting! – an international sample from Prague

When Olena tried her first mealworm at a food festival in Prague, she was hooked. Many of her friends, however, turned up their noses and had strong negative reactions – despite knowing little about the topic. Fascinated by their adamant attitudes, she went on a mission to find out why exactly her friends from around the globe find the concept of eating insects so disgusting. More →