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The UK's premier supplier of edible insects and bugs. #entomophagy #ediblebugs #edibleinsects #bushtucker #bugflour #eatingbugs

11bx, n°1 de l'insecte comestible depuis 2009. Nos marques: @Kinjao_officiel et @Insecteo. #entomophagy #edibleinsects #eatinsects #insectfood


식용곤충. Entomophagy. We're developing some edible insect products to final cosumer in Korea. Contact if interested!


Le pari d'un goût nouveau – Des insectes pour l'apéro, les petites faims ou pour concocter de bons plats. The French brand of edible insects.


We make Cricket Pasta, the gateway product for the edible insect food revolution. Tasty. Healthy. Sustainable. IG:


222 N. Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90004 (just south of Beverly Blvd.) (323)465-6803


Welcom to our edible insects online store. Wide selection delivered worldwide free shipping from 30$


Kirakuya Jizake Bar, The Luxurious Local Sake Bar in NYC.

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