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The Armstrongs are the originators of America's Cricket Growing Industry. We've been servicing pet stores and fish bait shops for over 60 years!


It’s not just honey and wax that comes out of a beehive. Propolis, pollen, bee larvae, honeycomb,


Dybri hweskeren a Kernow. An edible insect company in Cornwall.


Elevage et vente d'insectes comestibles. #InsectesPourTous #Entomophagy #EdibleInsects


Revolutionising Insect Farming


Healthy. Sustainable. Bugs. Farming EdibleInsects in Australia since 2007 healthy & delicious buggy food designed by our Entomologist | Food Scientist @bugshop1


#Cricketflour #edibleinsects #insectprotein, the planet's most sustainable superfood! Leading the #protein #revolution #cricketpowder, #ediblebugs #entomophagy


Clean healthy crickets since 1952 (one of the pioneers of the USA cricket industry!), visit our website for all our offerings.


Urban edible insect farm


Today's Crickets for the Health and Sustainability of Tomorrow.



Innoprotea France is one of the French leading players in the breeding of edible insects for the human food.


1ère ferme d’élevage d’#insectes comestibles (de qualité) en #France ! New Food for Good People. Ténébrions meuniers & Grillons domestiques au menu ! #MIAM


Welcom to our edible insects online store. Wide selection delivered worldwide free shipping from 30$


Proti-Farm is world’s leading producer of sustainable and innovative nutritional products from insects, produced according to the requirements for human consump


Insects are the new source of nutrients, natural and healthy, through sensible technologies now reality.


Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch - CO's first & only #EdibleInsects farm. Tweets from #FemaleFounder @wlu on behalf of the microlivestock.


We are #AllAboutCrickets #CricketSnacks #FutureProtein #HouseCricketProteinFlour #NEXTPROTEIN #CrispyBakedCrickets #ZEEDBUGS #DareToChange #TheWorldIsWhatYouEat


Delivering healthier & more sustainable protein ingredient from edible grasshoppers. World's most widely eaten and only kosher insect! [email protected]

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Insect City Utopia: Inside the 'Cricket Reactor'

Jakub Dzamba did not stop at a consumer-friendly countertop farm, but has imagined whole urban landscapes that have the mass production of edible insects built in to their fabric, with heat, warmth, waste and sustainability all addressed. As is often the case with new design and architecture, it's feels simultaneously like far-fetched science fiction, and something that's just around the corner. More →

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